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Tailor in Pleasanton | Alterations Service

Alterations Service: Save big on quality hemming and tailoring.

We offer great prices on basic tailoring, for example, hemming pants, skirts, basic dresses, etc. For more advanced tailoring (prom dresses, custom suits, and more), please speak directly with our lead tailor, Hement. The value of his work in unparalleled. He's the best in the Bay Area.

Our dry cleaning clerk can measure for basic alterations. For more advanced work - please call the store to see when Hement will be available. Thanks!

(925) 600-1700

Save big on alterations & tailoring services

Pant Hems Starting at $9.99

Our pant hems start at $9.99 - and we are the best in the East Bay.

  • Regular Pants Hem, $9.99
  • Jeans Hem, $12
  • Cuffed Hem, $15

Suit Tailoring & Alterations

We also shorten sleeves, taper in jackets and tailor full suits. People come from all over the Bay Area to have their clothing tailored by our team.

Formals & Dress Alterations

Get your prom dress & wedding dress alterations done by a a pro. Please call our store to see when our lead Tailor, Hement, will be available.

(925) 600-1700

We also do dry cleaning | Save up to 50% or more compared to others

Most Dry Cleaning Items, $3.49 Ea. +esc*

Includes cleaning and pressing, and it covers most garments and professional business attire!

Men's Laundered Shirts, 99¢ +esc*

Men’s cotton dress shirts: laundered, machine pressed and starched. We're super fast!

Premium Shirt Service, $3.49 Ea. +esc*

Get premium service for your men's shirts. Includes spot cleaning and hand pressing.

Get your pants hemmed, $9.99 Ea. +esc*

We can hem your slacks without breaking the bank. Also, jeans, hemmed for only $12!

Comforters, starting at $22 Ea. +esc*

Most twin & full size comforters, $22 each; queen & king, $28! Bring heavy/down items for pricing.

Dress alterations, call us!

Get your formal or prom dress by professionals. We have the best team of tailors in the East Bay.


Alaterations Service, SUPER FAST!

Most alterations take about one week. We also offers special rushed services. Wash & fold laundry service takes about three days. Most of your dry cleaning garments will be ready the following day. Households and alterations take about a week. Call us for rates and times for special rushed services.


Green cleaning, you bet!

We use super efficient, industrial machines for our wash and fold laundry service. We also dry clean your clothes with an eco-friendly process! We've got the latest, efficient Columbia ILSA dry cleaning machine, and we use SYSTEMK4 solution. It's biodegradable and dermatologist tested for sensitive skin!

Did you say Tailor near me?
That's us!

Alterations & Tailoring

Our dry cleaning clerk can measure for basic alterations. For more advanced work - please call the store to see when our lead tailor, Hement, is available.

Savings Cleaners
6762 Bernal Ave #620
Pleasanton, CA 94566
(925) 600-1700

Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm
Sat: 8am-5pm
Sun: Closed

* esc - environmental service charge, 35¢ each item. We are dedicated to providing exceptional savings for your cleaning needs. We are also dedicated to our environment. This small fee represents the variable in our rapidly changing environment (notably, energy and water) and its impact on our economy.